John Poveromo

The internet home of Joke Artist and Pen Scribbler John Poveromo


Showbusiness needs more people like John Poveromo. Endlessly creative, funny, and illustrious... I mean he illustrates. He is also a great Stand-up Comedian and a fine Writer. I have no idea how he is only one person.
— Joe Starr (Kevin Can Wait)
John Poveromo is hysterically funny, way too young and exceptionally good looking. Oh how I hate his probably perfectly functioning guts!
— Jim Vallely (Overrated Veteran Writer The Golden Girls and Arrested Development.)
I don’t remember how I found John Poveromo, but he’s soooo funny, and he entertains me daily. Hope you find him too!
— Wendy Liebman (The Larry Sanders Show, Dr. Katz, America's Got Talent)
John Poveromo’s cutting edge, quick witted sarcasm is hysterical and it’s fun to watch his playfulness with the audience as he drives home specific points with his spot on punchlines. In a world full of bland, He is a refreshing shot of young vibrant adrenaline that goes straight to your funny bone! This kid’s got the goods!!
— Joey Kola (Rosie O'Donnell show, Rachael Ray, Kevin Can Wait)
An acerbic wit, tempered by great sensitivity.
— JoAnna Beckson (Actor, Director - JBecksonStudios)
John is one of my favorite comedians to work with. He has a great presence, amazing material and is always hilarious. Book him, hire him, love him.
— Jon Fisch (Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and David Letterman)
With an incredible ability to entertain an audience through his stand-up and engage people with his wit in his writing and illustrations, John Poveromo is entertainment. It is a pleasure to know him and to work with him.
— Jessica Glassberg (TV writer, comedian, show producer)